Friday, June 21, 2013

A Farewell and Hello to a New Day - Indian surrogacy forum for parents

New phase of our lives
After four years working with SCI Healthcare, I recently decided to stop working with them, for many reasons.  Bob has been home with Mishali since her birth in June 2012, and has been the most amazing house husband. It's time for him to go back to his work as an electrical engineer, and now time for me to be with our bubbles, Toby and Mishali. I will continue to work with people having their bubbles through surrogacy in India, and other countries. During the past four years I know I have made a difference, and have helped many. I am very proud of this, and will continue to help wherever I can, but it's now time for me and Bob to enjoy our babies.

Forum -
I recently updated the Indian surrogacy forum that I set up in 2009, to be inclusive of anyone and everyone pursuing surrogacy in India. The original intent of the forum was to be inclusive, but it became, over time, a forum focussed on SCI Healthcare. I have recently been working with as many clinics in India as I can find, who offer surrogacy, to add to the forum so newbies can access a greater choice of surrogacy services. I am updating the forum with the aim of it becoming a one-stop-shop for all information about surrogacy in India. My aim for the forum is for anyone and everyone who has done surrogacy in India, with any clinic or agency, to give practical advice and assistance to those who come after us, who need help and support.

Our blog
We decided some time ago to no longer blog our personal story, the main reason being that our babies now have their own story. We have a new blog which is invite only. If you want to follow the progress of Toby and Mishali, please mail us at and we will send you an invite. But I have to know who you are, as I am sure you will understand. there comes a time when your story is no longer open to all and sundry.

A last pic on this blog of our babies ...  Toby is 3 next week and Mishai turns one.  Wow, who ever thought we would get here??? Go back 600 posts and see where we started, it was not an easy journey.


Brooklyn Couple said...

Meg, wow the kids are growing up fast. Thanks for all your help last few months. I will miss working with you and wish nothing but the best for you and the family. :)

lisalu said...

Thankyou for all your help!!
We wish you a wonderful happy healthy life with your family,

andy said...

They are 2 very beautiful kids!! New journey are always exciting meg! X

Tom said...

All the best Meg. Will miss your informative surrogacy news updates.

Anonymous said...

Meg, will miss your regular informative updates, and the occasional exchange of views with you. Your writing has been marked by masaured even-handed responses to breaking news when others elected to fan hysteria and fear-mongering. Thank you!

Best wishes to you and your loving family from Montreal.

John and Michael said...

"During the past four years I know I have made a difference, and have helped many."
We count ourselves among the fortunate people you've helped at SCI.
If the India Law changes ever changes to allow singles to pursue surrogacy again, we were hoping you'd be our case manager with SCI again. But, I understand your need to focus on caring for your adorable children and supporting your husband now takes priority.
Thank you for generously blogging and supporting countless people around the world.
We will continue to follow your blog regarding surrogacy in India.

Much love to you and your family,

John, Michael, Ethan.