Saturday, June 15, 2013

Surrogacy clause hits NRI couple

Hyderabad: A city infertility clinic, which failed to mention the clause of surrogacy in the birth certificate of a baby, has put an Indian couple settled in the US in trouble. Their one-and-half-year-old baby girl is now left stranded as both her US and Indian passports have been cancelled.
The parents are now running from pillar to post to prove the child’s identity as the regional passport authorities have issued a DNA test notice. A Hyderabadi pair, based in the US, had their first child through surrogacy in a infertility clinic in the city about a year-and-half ago.
The clinic authorities had not mentioned the clause of surrogacy in the birth details, following which the GHMC had issued the certificate stating the names of the biological parents and not the surrogate parents.
The NRI parents then made an Indian passport for the child and returned to the US. The couple produced the same birth certificate stating they are the actual parents and made a US passport for the child.
Few weeks ago, the couple approached the Indian Embassy in the US for a visa. After verification, the embassy found two identification cards of the child, following which the embassy cancelled the Indian passport.
The couple, who is currently in the city, approached the US Consulate General in Hyderabad, for a visa to Singapore. While being questioned, the couple revealed about the surrogacy, after which the Consulate cancelled the US passport of the child pointing out the nationality issue.
The couple was then asked to reapply for an Indian passport. Dr K. Srikar Reddy, regional passport officer, said, “The biological mother approached the office last week and she revealed that the girl child was a surrogate baby. We will ask the couple to perform a DNA test and prove a link. If no link is found, the parents will have to follow the adoption process only then a passport will be issued to the baby.”

I guess the moral to the story is, always declare births through surrogacy as such or it could come back to bite you later. I wonder if anyone who went through the system when US Embassy didn't ask for DNA proof of genetic link between one parent and baby will be similarly affected.

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papoluprasad said...

There appears to be a misunderstanding. In india, as per the guidelines of the Indian council for medical research, ICMR, ONLY the names of the parents who have commissioned surrogacy can be mentioned in the birth report columns provided for the names of father and mother. There is no provision to mention the factum of surrogacy or the name of the surrogate . However, of late we have been mentioning the factum of surrogacy, using our goodwill and persuasion with local birth registration authority. But as per the guidelines, the name of the surrogate must always remain anonymous, except when directed to be furnished by a court order. We are presently travelling in the USA and have come to know about thus matter just niw. If this case is from our hospital we will be able to help the parents. They have not yet approached our hospital. It is possible they are not our patients. But we wait for more information.
Chairman dr.rama's institute for fertility, hyderabad