Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sweet success

... with sugar on top, and lots of it!

We survived two birthday parties in one week. I made a promise to myself when Toby turned one that I would make all the birthday cakes. We never had a shop bought cake for our birthdays, mum made them all. I always asked for ginger cake, which to this day, is still my favourite.

Tuesday 25th June Mishali turned one. I made her pink cupcakes. They were meant to be pale pink, but I was a little heavy handed with the food colouring. Oh well, who wants pale anything anyway : )

Saturday 29th June, Toby turned three! All he could talk about for weeks was "I'm Toby. I'm turning three. I'm having a party. I'm having a Bananas in Pyjamas cake". Toby asked, mummy delivered.

Check out B2's hands, I was really getting sick of the cake in the 7th hour. Two chocolate cakes baked in large biscuit trays glued together with a jar of raspberry jam, 2 punnets of fresh strawberries and 600ml of whipped cream, coated with 2 kilos of ready-made fondant, hand dyed by mummy.

Even Bob got into the spirit of Bananas. Chocolate coated lady fingers.

Happy birthday to my beautiful children, I love you both so very very much. It's so great not working as much and being able to spend time with you, playing, creating, cuddling and loving you. You are my life.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy Meg your beautiful babies, many Happy Birthdays to you all. Thank you for giving so much back to the surrogate community. The very best wishes for your lovely family.

New Year Dreaming said...

How lovely....Happy Birthday to Toby and Mishali.....what a clever Mum you have

Gary Hoheisel said...

Happy Birthday to both of you Mishali and Toby.
I remember you Mishali sitting on your father's lap on your first plane trip, you looked so adorable.
Toby, you are one spoilt boy. Having both mum and dad spend 7 hours on your bananas in pyjamas cake shows they love your so dearly.
Enjoy your 3rd birthday Toby.

Tigerlilycat said...

Happy happy birthday you two! Looks like mummy could have a career in cake decorating next.

Brooklyn Couple said...

Happy Birthday to little Toby and Mishali!! Hope all is well, Meg. Hugs....