Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Four days of enlightenment in Thailand

Buddhist Temple, it was HUGE!!! and very golden.

My experience of Thailand, well, Bangkok CBD only

Thai electricals.

I really don't know why I am so fascinated by power lines in other countries. Must be powered by some subconscious part of me having a  great fear of power points from when I was the kid of an electrician back in the 1970s. I think I took this pic to show my dad ( from whom I am sadly estranged) so he could be horrified by electrical standards in Thailand.

 Hang onto your bags, especially down small lanes.

I took the pic above on my first day out and about in Bangkok. At no time did I fee unsafe in Bangkok. I have felt unsafe in India, both Mumbai and Delhi. I would never go out at night, nor walk alone in India, I would, and I did, in Bangkok. 

Cleaner with broom collection - waiting to pounce on unsuspecting rubbish, so much more civilised than seeing an Indian  family sleeping under an overpass.

My very first impression of Bangkok was, "It is so clean and organised and - civilised".  India is not the same. While there is poverty in Thailand, it is not in your face as it is in India. After four years of working with clients going to India for surrogacy, I know most will experience culture shock, and what we see in any city in India can be vile and revolting and challenge any foreigner. There are some seriously foul things you see in India, like children holding babies to your car window, asking for food for the baby in their arms. You will see families sleeping under tarpaulins or cardboard or tin, under freeways or on the side of the street in any city in India. This is very confronting, for anyone going to India for surrogacy, as I have done. To survive, one has to ignore this horror.

I am not, for one moment saying to anyone,go to Thailand over India, so you will experience less poverty and heartbreak, what I am saying is if you are a Westerner expecting Western standards in India, just be aware that at some stage India will wear you down, and there is nothing you can do fix it.

Bangkok skyline from the Sofitel pool bar. 

The niceness of BKK -  my little mate, a client from India with his two sweet babes, lives in BKK. He took me to this amazing place. We had Mai Tais and gazed at the view. No way was I going into that pool as my vertigo keeps me 100 feet from anything that could take me over the side of a 25 storey building.

Anyone for a urine sample? It was actually a very tasty sweet ginger drink.

Pullman Hotel, Hotel G  - Silom Rd, quite expensive for BKK At $97 per night, many very decent places to stay for $50 per night

Anyone for a Hot male? Dream Boy? Fresh Beach Boy? Patpong, sex mecca of Bangkok, where every massage has a happy ending.

Papaya salad - salad was great! Crab sucked. I thought I would get some real succulent crabmeat on a basic salad,  I got nasty little crabby bits with shells, that tasted foul and ruined the whole dish, eww spew. Beware tiny shiny crab in BKK.

Would you like fishies to eat the dead skin off your feet? Nope, me either. If you dare, $7.

Patpong Markets, the home of knock-off Louis Vuitton  and Rolex watches ... et al ... seriously who wants to carry a label hand bag anyway? If you are into labels, this is your place, I am not, but I did buy a Jimmy Choo (who the heck is he or she?) handbag , leather for $38 - and bought one for my mate Kim in USA,  and one for my mum. They were pretty! (and supposedly leather) Bargain!


Street botox for $90? I think not.

Bitch slap the Thai way.

Is Buddah a fan of red Fanta?

Drink in a bag on a bike with a straw for ease of consumption.

I arrived back from my whirlwind trip to Bangkok last Friday. Four days was not nearly enough time to spend in that amazing city, and I only experienced the central CBD area. No time for touristy things.

I have never spent one day or night away from my babies. The last thing I wanted to do is be away from my them, and I was feeling really awful about taking the trip on my own. Three days before I was to depart we told little Toby that mummy was going "on a trip". His dad has been on many "trips" for work, and he knows all about planes and skype video calls and he was fine.  He asked me where, mummy was going  on the red plane,   I said Thailand, and he said, "Are you bringing home another baby?" 


Toby told me we don't need another baby because we already have a baby -  Mishi-Moo. I assured him I would not be bringing home another baby, that we would only have four sleeps apart - and the best thing for Toby - I would bring him home a present.

Let me tell you, Toby knows what presents are. At  one -  your kids have no idea why there is such a big party fuss, at two - they kinda get it - at three, they are fully into parties and presents and the rest. So little T-Boy put in his order ... one Wiggles present, one Octonauts present, one Spiderman present, one Batman present - and FIVE Ben 10 Presents! I said to him, Toby, that is 9 presents, and he confirmed, yes, I want nine presents! Bless him.

Toby was a trooper with mum away, we skyped every night, and he saw mumma and was just fine. 

Come night four without his mamma,  oh dear, my little man lost the plot, we had a skype, and little Toby bawled his eyes out, big time, he clawed the computer screen via skype,  he patted mummy's  face,  he kissed mummy on the computer screen and he screamed his little guts out,  "I neeed you, come home now, I neeedd you". My heart was broken,  and Bob had to take Toby away from the computer. and take him to bed.

I was so excited to come home - to see my hubby and bubbles. The beautiful thing is - when i got through customs, little  Toby came running for me ... "Mummy!!!!" and his first words?  "Did you get me a present?" Little Mish just hugged me with her baby arms.

Here is Toby in his new gear!

Toby wearing his "photo face" - a full-on cheesy grin he wears for every pic.

All pics of Toby these days feature the strained-face cheesy grin. The kid knows how to work the camera. Our Mishali, she is a little more serious, she is our deep and cranky girl, you rarely get a smile from her, but when she smiles, she goes of like fireworks. Sissy isn't much into fashion at the age of one, but I started her on Hello Kitty (that Toby calls Hello Pussy -  rather fitting for cheap goods from Bangers). As Toby owns everything and is the Prince who rules our world, he quickly took possession of Mishi Moos new pink shoes,  glittery handbag and back pack. The boy loves clothes, and dress-ups, he changes his outfit ten times per day. Hmmm. Enough said.


Rhy and Drew said...

I am excited to hear more about your trip and want to apologize for my double triple post the other day. My iPad kept telling me the post was lost. Oh well.

Gorgeous pictures!

Kunik Goel said...
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Jason and Adrián said...

That's som tum salad, and you should have been honored that they blessed your undiscerning Western palate with those fermented crab legs, you philistine! (okay, I don't like them either)

andy said...

Toby is super cute!!!! And omg! I wanna go to Thailand now!!! Lol x

andy said...

Toby is super cute!!! And I wanna go tomthialand now!!! Lol