Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pig tails - a mummy milestone

Mishali's first pair of pig tails. Pretty hard to scrape up enough hair to secure in tiny elastics, but well worth the effort for my own personal satisfaction. Isn't she just the cutest little thing? By looks only, our once "good" baby, Mish, is a screamer, a drama queen with a capital D capital Q. She howls when daddy leaves the room, bangs loudly on closed doors shutting daddy from her, howls if she doesn't get the toy Toby is laying with, howls when you take something she shouldn't have away from her. She not only howls, she dramatically flops to the floor, little arm flung over head, and sobs into the floorboards. It's quite funny to watch at times because she does it in stages, first the look of shock/horror, you have taken something from her, then the mouth opens in full protest while her face scrunches into the "I am going to let you have it in a minute!" as the face turns deeper shades of red, you wait for a good 15 seconds as she holds her breath, then comes the howl. "Oh my life, my life, it's so bad, it's a tragedy", and down she flops.

Choccie milk time, Mishali now has a little bit because she kept taking Toby's.

Toby, to his three-year-old credit, is very good with her, he now shares, (he has no choice), he doesn't grab his toys back from her, he doesn't even whack her over the head with his plastic stool anymore (parental discipline and two days a week at Day Care sharing with others works, wonders).

Our baby is turning into a toddler way too fast. I need another baby! Mine are growing up! Not a snowball's chance in hell of that happening, I will live vicariously through the birth of your babies.


andy said...

cant cope how cute they are! x

Brooklyn Couple said...

Meg, Mishali is indeed cutest little thing. Very funny how she can throw tantrum. Reminds me of my own niece :)

Rhy and Drew said...

She is an absolute doll!!!