Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Proud mummy moment

Okay so I wasn't going to post pics of my kids on this public blog anymore. But hey, they are 100% safe, we keep them in crates under lock and key and have hired two big butch burly men to be body guards 24/7. 

 I am just such a proud mummy of my 13 month old walker, here she is! I can't believe this is my "newborn". No-one can believe how the time passes so slow when you're in the process of surrogacy, and you worry the whole pregnancy, that something will go wrong, as I did. Then they are born, and you just can't believe it. You bring them home, then so darn lightning fast, they start sleeping through the night, then they eat, they talk, they walk ... take a look at the second video to see how Toby is coping with competition from his little sister.  My darling first-born.


Morgan said...

I love it! I "And boom!"

Brent and Charlie said...

That's hysterical! Poor Toby!

She is really starting to look a lot like him. They are so adorable.