Friday, September 13, 2013

Surrogacy Seminar in Perth - 26th October

Perth People! There is a surrogacy seminar on 26th October that I will be speaking at along with others who have been through the process of surrogacy overseas and within Australia; plus experts speaking about various medical and legal topics. Please see details below and contact Chatarina if you wish to attend.

Surrogacy Seminar 26th October 8.30am-4.00pm
Alf Adams Pavilion – Solomon Street, Mosman Park

8.30-9.00am Registration

9-9.15am: Welcome

9.15-10am - Legal aspects of Domestic surrogacy: Rachel Oakeley.
Rachel is employed as in-house Counsel for Bannerman Solicitors. Rachel has a practice specialising in surrogacy and Fertility law and has advised a number of Australian couples on local and international surrogacy arrangements.

10-10.45am- Problems with International Surrogacy Arrangements: Michael Nicholls.
Michael Nicholls QC is a barrister who practices in international and domestic family law and medical ethics in Perth and London.

10.45-11am: Morning Tea

11-11.45am – The medical aspects of surrogacy: Dr Lucy Williams.
Lucy is a fertility specialist with expertise in management of all reproductive endocrinology as well as general gynecology. Lucy is a been Medical Director of Concept since December 2007.

11.45-12.30pm - Surrogacy Counseling Demystified: What happens and why it is done: Iolanda Rodino. Iolanda is a Clinical Psychologist with 15 years experience in the fields of infertility, antenatal and postnatal services. Iolanda is a committee member of the W.A. Reproductive Technology Council Counseling Committee (RTC)

12.30-1pm - Lunch

1-1.30pm - A surrogacy journey in Thailand -The land of "smiles" : Chatarina Brady.
Chatarina is a pharmaceutical representative specializing in mental health. Chatarina and her husband had a baby boy through a Thai surrogate earlier this year. Chatarina is the Surrogacy Australia WA representative

1.30-2pm – Two beautiful daughters for two dads, an insight into surrogacy in America: Gregory ChangGreg was born in Malaysia and is a dentist by trade. Greg has been with his Partner, Mark, for 7.5years.  During that time they have been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters. Both their children were conceived through the gestational surrogacy process in the state of Oregon, in the United States of America.

2-3.00pm - The 3 Indian Princesses born through 2 amazing surrogates in India: Simon Blake-Graham. From a flight attendant at 35,000ft to stay at home father of 3 amazing little girls.

3-3.30 pm - A precious gift- an emotional journey as a surrogate to help a couple achieve the dream of having a baby:  Millicent HayesMillicent is a Surrogate, egg donor and is a home schooling mother of 4 gorgeous kids and wife to one very tolerant husband

3.30-4.30pm – Surrogacy Options in India, Thailand and Mexico: Megan Sainsbury. Megan has two children born through surrogacy in India, she has helped establish India’s largest surrogacy clinic. Megan is the founder and director of Surrogacy Conceptions where she offers and independent facilitation service for IPs.

Registration details:

Cost (including Morning/Afternoon tea and lunch)

Payment required latest 24th of October for catering purposes.

For further information please contact Chatarina Brady:

Proudly organized by: Chatarina Brady & Rachel Oakeley


Bob said...

I am so proud of you, Megan!

Denise LoPresti said...

Good on you Megan. I'm so pleased that others can have the expertise you have to share. You have already helped so many people. I'm also amazed how reasonably priced this is.

Anonymous said...

Well done Meg, thanks for all you help, we're just so happy to have you on our side after our terrible time in Delhi. JJ