Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Incase you haven't seen it

Not actually sure what it means as there doesn't seem to have ever been an official relaxation period. Some singles from Australia have been granted medical visas for baby pick-up. What happens to any baby born to a single/de facto/same sex dad after November 1?

Rules tightened for foreigners commissioning surrogacy

Shemin Joy, NEW DELHI, Oct 12, 2013, DHNS:

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The Union Home Ministry will withdraw the relaxation on its guidelines for foreign nationals intending to visit India for commissioning surrogacy by this month-end.

The ministry has written to all the Indian embassies that they should adhere to the guidelines and should not offer any concession from November 1 as the relaxations in the guidelines are ending on October 31. Embassies should not grant visa to couples if they do not fulfil all the conditions, a senior official said.

The guidelines for foreigners planning surrogacy in India came up in July last year following allegations that those from abroad were cheating surrogate mothers. There were also reports that the children were ill-treated in foreign land and that they were not treated as citizens there.

According to the guidelines, only those foreign couples who are married for two years could apply for visa for commissioning surrogacy. It was also emphasised that many were coming on tourist visa for this purpose though it was not the appropriate visa category.

It said those not coming on medical visa will be liable for action for violation of visa conditions. It will also be necessary in such cases to ensure that the surrogate mother is not cheated.

Along with visa applications, the guidelines said, a letter from the Embassy of the foreign country in India or the Foreign Ministry of the country should be enclosed.

It should clearly state that the country recognises surrogacy and the child to be born to the couple through the Indian surrogate mother will be permitted entry into their country as their biological child.

The treatment should be done only at the registered ART clinics recognised by Indian Council of Medical Research. The couple should produce a duly notarised agreement between them and the prospective Indian surrogate mother.


Michael's surrogacy Journey said...

I think the USA will be out then because surrogacy is done buy law on a state by state basis. I also dont see the US government giving the birth mother rights to enter the USA when she has ZERO genetic ties. all this will do is hurt India and the woman that are doing this as there Billion dollar industry turns to ZERO

Michael's surrogacy Journey said...

I don't see the USA letting that happen Surrogacy is a state by state basis. And letting a surrogate over when she has no genetic ties to the child that wont happen either. She would have to wait in line with the Million others that are waiting to live in the USA. India has turned there Billion dollar industry to a ZERO industry.

Amani (Meg) said...

I have no answers. I don't even know why there is now a line drawn in the sand, of 1 November. To my knowledge, there was never any "absolute dealing". Of course Indian Government had to let babies born to citizens from foreign countries go home, and I personally think that whoever made the visa changes never bothered to consult any clinics/agency, anywhere in India, then realised they had made a huge mistake. All I can say is that those who are not married and having babies after November 1 - do what you can to get your baby. Travel on a tourist visa and take your chances once you're in India. You will have far more power being on Indian soil with your baby then trying to get into the country. the shameful thing is that clinics are still doing transfers for singles.