Monday, October 28, 2013

Our website is live!

In between juggling two toddlers,  clients and household duties, I have managed to not only write a website, but get it online. The guy who was going to do the site scarpered with my money ... so I took my father's advice, "If you want something done, do it yourself." And I did, and I am very proud of myself. I am not the most technically-minded person, and I learn by being shown rather than following written instructions. As I had no-one to sit down with me and show me how to do it, I had to get out of my comfort zone and figure it out all by myself. I used and may I say how impressed I am with the range of templates, the ease of use and the customer support. They have been incredible with fast answers, communication and assistance. Thanks also to my husband Bob, who supports me with everything I do, who sat beside me while trying to get the site live, saying things like: "Go back to the instructions", "Press this button", "Copy and paste in that box", "Stop weeping and go back to the instructions!".

About Surrogacy Conceptions — the reason we exist

Every day we enjoy our beautiful children, Toby and Mishali. We rejoice at every new achievement, their smiles, their love and their innocence. We have so much fun watching them grow, and learn and watch them become independent little people who are often very naughty. We also marvel at how they came into the world. I remember how difficult the process was for us, and how close we came to giving up. We always felt we had two children wanting to be with us, and we didn't give up on them, or ourselves. We were "fortunate" in that we met later in life and both us of were financially secure.  I sold my house in Brisbane to fund our surrogacies, while renovating our house and working in Indian surrogacy. For those that have asked, or insinuated our surrogacies were for free, what did we pay all up? $140,000.

The aim of Surrogacy Conceptions is to give back. We want to help others who are where we once were, heartbroken and without our own children, plus make some pocket money along the way for our babies' education, and to give back through donations to various charities. If we can employ a few people along the way and make their lives better, that is an added bonus.

Life is for learning. From learning we grow and evolve and do better, if we have learned our lessons. Life presents challenges, joy, sorrow, stress, boredom, satisfaction and dissatisfaction. How we deal with what is thrown at us, whether we perceive it to be deserved or not, makes the difference between anger and peace. Bob and I have faced so many challenges from the time we met, some were horrific, some were blessings in disguise. We survived each mountain we had to climb, and continue to do so. The only difference these days, is that once we have reached the mountain peak, we can actually allow ourselves to bask in our achievements.

I do not believe in karma, it is a word thrown about by those who want to discredit another person and make them fearful that if they don't behave in the way another human being thinks they should, then they will suffer the consequences of some unseen force that directs everything we do, and all that we are. Fellow human beings do not get to judge, nor mete out punishment, try as some might, they are quite powerless and their accusations and actions only reflect on their own state of well-being. If there is such a thing as karma, ours is very very good.

I am personally taking a very small client list, 20 clients per year. My client list is almost full, hence others coming in to support intended parents alongside me. I did not like losing touch with intended parents, and not being there to support them 100% when they needed either practical or emotional support. I am now free to set my own hours, which enables me to balance, home, work and play, and I am so happy to be free.

Best wishes as always to anyone embarking upon this surrogacy journey. Keep your faith, stick to your plans and never, ever quit! If you think we can help you, please email, if you don't think we can help you, always feel welcome to ask questions. Surrogacy Conceptions will not be right for everyone, nor can we take everyone as a client, but we will always help where we can.

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