Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Big kids now

Toby is now 3 and a half, Mishali is 18 months of age. Mishali has no idea what is going on with this Christmas caper, Toby knows all too well that Santa is coming, and Santa means presents, and that Santa is a good thing! He loves Postman Pat who delivers mum's online shopping, and every parcel must be for him. I have had to open a couple of parcels and give Toby an early Christmas present, he just can't wait.

A few days ago, I was lying down for the afternoon nap with Mishali and Toby.  From my semi-doze, having No idea what Toby had been up to, I woke to a little plaintiff voice calling, "Mummy, mummy, mama, let me in, mummy I'm stuck".

There was T-Boy outside on the porch with a freshly delivered parcel in his arms, pleading for help. It seems Toby heard Postman Pat deliver a parcel, he got out of bed, pulled a chair to the lounge room window, jumped out onto the porch, got the parcel, then couldn't find his way back inside the house. Thank God we only have a one level house!

I've done all the Christmas shopping online this year. I had one foray into the shops a few weeks ago, it was a nightmare. Why cart two toddlers into the local shopping centre with all it has to tempt parents to spend and spend big on Christmas. Our Toby has never been a "lie down in the supermarket aisle and have a tanty" kinda kid. Let me tell you, he had a big meltdown in the toy section of Target with his dad on Saturday. Here is the evidence:

Toby's first world problems, "Oh my LIFE!!!!. I WANT and NEEEEEEEED every Spiderman toy I can get my hands on. If I don't get it, I will just fall into a heap and surely die!!!"

Big kids now

Since November we have both Toby and Mishali in day care two days a week. This gives mum a break, and days off to do fun things like see the dentist and the physio and the doctor, and clean the house without the little people fighting over the vacuum cleaner and mop bucket. They both learn so much at day care, and have social interaction with other kids and adults. Mishi has had a few cries at drop off time, Toby has been fine, but this morning they both felt the need to be with mummy, they both had a crying fit, and a cling to the neck huggies on mum. It never gets easier when you leave your babies with others when they only want to be with you.

Some pics from this morning:

Misha in her new e-bay purchased clothing in a size 2 - almost fits. Toby with his shorts on backwards, dinosaur T-Shirt, Ben 10 socks and Spiderman shoes.

Why do we have to sit down for a photo when we want to go to school?

A private sibling moment. Who am I to ask what they were plotting?

Misha: One smile, and one only, take the pic mum. Toby: C'mon, this is boring, but as I am a very good boy I will attempt to smile.

Bored, photo time sucks.

The best smile I could get out of Misha. This kid is a cranky McCranky Pants at the best of times.

Perfect pic, if only Misha would smile ... how did they get so big???

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