Saturday, January 11, 2014

Singles and surrogacy in India update

Some hope? Ministry of Health doesn't want singles to be allowed to have surrogacy treatment, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Women and Child Development say singles should be allowed. At least it's being debated and there are two ministries on the side of singles. I think this is very encouraging news.

The proposed Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill 2013, that aims to regulate surrogacy in India, must wait longer as the Union health and home ministries have differences over singles opting for surrogacy in India. While a 2012 home ministry diktat says gay couples and single foreigners are not eligible to have an Indian surrogate bear their child as only a foreign “man and woman” married at least two years will be granted visas, the health ministry feels single parents, including foreigners, should be allowed surrogacy.
“When adoption is allowed to single parents, how can we have different laws for surrogacy? Our views differ (from that of) the home ministry. But we are compiling the comments of all ministries, and will soon send the draft to the law ministry before it is put before the Cabinet,” a senior official said. The women and child development ministry also suggests surrogacy should be allowed for everyone, including unmarried couples and those in live-in relationships. It feels that the health ministry’s definition of “couple” is too narrow, and wants it to “include everyone who wants to avail ARTs and surrogacy, irrespective of marriage”.

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