Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Willo's birthday,Christmas and end of 2013 wrap up

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year, hope the hangovers aren't too severe today. In typical middle aged-parent form, we were in bed by 10pm, and up at 7am ... the closest we come to partying is posting images of parties on this blog.

To my lovely clients, I adore you all, thanks for being great people and having trust and faith in me to assist you with the most important event of your lives, having your baby. As we are done having babies, I can live vicariously through the birth of yours!

To my pregnant pretties, Congratulations, this is going to be a BIG year for us, April 2014 sees Surrogacy Conceptions first birth. Note to self: must create a T-Shirt for this momentous occasion.

To those starting out or trying again in 2014, this will be YOUR YEAR! While you may not believe it just yet, having worked in surrogacy during the past four years, I have seen so many people, including myself, survive the often lonely, frustrating and downright depressing Christmas/New Year period with little hope they will ever be parents, only to find themselves with a beautiful baby or two (sometimes three, and once four ...OMG!) the following Christmas. Keep the faith and keep trying!

2013 treated our family well, we faced a few challenges along the way, made some pretty major adjustments in life, and cleared out the past. We enter 2014 with actual plans, some exciting events in the coming months and feel energised and confident about the coming year. Obtuse, I know, but plans are not for blogging.

Our Christmas was quiet, but lovely. 2013 was the first year Toby really got into it. He did swipe a few parcels along the way, but fortunately mummy had gone so bat-shit crazy with online shopping - knowing all too well plans of 2014 require a tight beget (BOO!) - so I shopped til I dropped. Without further ado, some pics from our little corner of the world.

Willo's birthday

I met Will when he was 6, he turned 15 on Dec 14. Wow, time marches on. William has grown into the most beautiful, thoughtful, caring and funny young man. He is also very handsome. He is a credit to his parents and to himself. Will is doing well in school, and I am very proud to say he wants to be a writer. He is totally into the arts. While the Sainsbury doctor/engineer/medial contingent of aunts and uncles don't exactly know what the arts are, Willo does, and like I did, he's going to dump all those silly maths and science-y subjects. This makes me happy, the world needs more creativity and artistes.

When will visits the kids are just in awe. I have a gorgeous video of Mishali hugging his legs while walking behind Willo. The past year has seen few visits with this remarkable young man, but his sister knows who her second biggest brother is, and she has a big fat crush on him. Check out Miss "I never smile for a photo'" delight in pic above.

Toby just thinks William is Birthdays, Christmas, Purple Rabbit (Easter), the Tooth Fairy he is yet to meet, Santa, God, mummy and daddy and sissy all rolled into one. 

Ripping open the box. An early present from William, quad bike with 6 volt battery went down well with the kiddies!

So much William excitement, poor boy finally passed out.

Amber ate Santa's cookies - from my new dinner set!

We caught Santa.

 Fortunately the boys over at 152am blog didn't keep him as he went to Adelaide before Perth., and I know they had plans of catching not only Santa, but his reindeer as well. Not sure where they planned to keep all those animals.  Toby thinks this pic is for real, ah, one day he will learn the deception that can be had with Photoshop.

Silly mummy bought not one, but two microphones for the kids.

Mr T-Boy, he starts kindergarten this year and will get his first uniform. The start of a very long education process in Australia. God, am so glad I don't have to go through that again!

The new water slide, use your sister as a step why don't you Toby? No, this monster is not small, but loads of fun. Just don't know where we're going to put the 5m x 4m bouncy castle when it arrives.

Wipe out, direct hit on sissy. 


I'm Bat-Girl.

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