Sunday, February 23, 2014

First day of Big School - saddest face you will ever see.

Toby is at school. I can't believe it. Big school.  He has actually been in kindy for some time now, but that was at day care *Pink School*. Toby was fast tracked from toddlers to kindy,  he's a really engaged, interested, active little person who is very very smart (no thanks to my genetics :) 

In Western Australia, you start kindergarten the year you turn four, if you turn four before the end of June. Toby turns four on 29 June, so he just snuck in and he's the youngest in the class. You can keep your child back if you like, we never even considered this as Toby is bright, advanced and so ready to learn more. Not even going to apologise for bragging about our smart kid, he is as he is. (God I sound like my sister bragging about her daughter ... )

Toby was looking forward to Big School, which is a 5 minute walk from our house. We went to the orientation in January, and bought his books, and uniform, which he insisted on wearing for a week or more. Come the night before starting the tears arrived. "I don't want to go to Big School". "Why not honey?" "I'm scared". 

So we agreed we would just put on his uniform and go down and see the teacher and the kids, and if he was still scared we'd come home. He dragged his feet every step of the way, trying to get me to agree to letting him come home if he was still scared.  We show up, Toby takes one look, sees the big box of Thomas trains and rail tracks, and dumped me. Now he loves Big School.

Mishali enjoying Toby's misery

Almost a smile, a Spiderman wheel bag will do that.


Toby is finally in his own bed. It's a huge feat given we have co-slept since his birth.  The change came about because Mishali, who has always slept by herself, started to muck up at bedtime and want to go in the big bed. Fair enough, why should Toby be in there and not her? So I nipped that one in the bud and off Toby went to his star bed. It only took a couple of nights be sleeping on a mattress on next to him, now some nights Mishali is on the mattress. We do, however, end up with them in the big bed throughout the night, and that's fine.

What a little doll. A naughty little doll. Mishali is a screamer. If she doesn't get her own way she will have a total hissy fit, fling herself down on the floor and make sure the sound coming out of her mouth can be heard by the whole of Perth. She is a little bruiser, into everything, very physical, loves to climb anything and everything. She loves to fight with her brother. She grabs things off him, and if he dares take them back she will kick, spit, bite and hit. She is just learning that no means no, but she is not backward in telling me or dad or Toby, "No" with a wag of her finger. She is very loving, such a cuddler, and if Toby is getting a cuddle that she's not, she comes in screaming for her place in the number one spot. Mishi is way ahead of Toby at the same age i terms of physical ability, but her speech is a bit behind. Probably because she can't get a word in with Toby and his bucket mouth. She is the funniest , prettiest little thing who toddles around with bot in her mouth and blankie in tow, she loves to dance, I think she even has a bit of rhythm. She doesn't like Amber or Lucy and tells them, waving her little finger, "No". Her favourite word is "Mine". 

What a kid. My little talker, he talks and talks and talks, and he never shuts up. He want to know everything about everything. Tonight he told me all about his plastic bottle and how you need plastic on the outside to make it waterproof. He knows if you fill Hello Kitty's head with water she will sink, if there is no water she will float. This translates to swimming lesson - when your lungs are full of air you float. Toby, however, is not a keen swimmer, he has always had an aversion to water, he's only just stopped screaming the house down when he has his hair washed. We stopped lessons for awhile as they were distressing him too much. Now Bob and I take him in the water and teach him at his own time.  Toby's teacher says he is very helpful and a delight to have in class. We are so proud of him. He is very handsome inside and just the loveliest little person on the inside. That is more than enough for us!

Mummy is in a very very happy phase of life. The hard work of previous years is over and now paying off, financially and emotionally. Mummy gets to spend most of her time with her little haps. (A hap is a Tobyism, it means a baby who can't reach the computer). Mummy has time to sew pretty dresses for her baby girl. I have not touched the sewing machine since I got got Perth in 2005. Made a lot of mess but thoroughly enjoyed the creative process. See below, little miss in one of her outfits. Life is stable, happy and kicking along nicely. I have a day off per week, and usually I just sleep, which is awesome. Bob is happy in his job, and we're about to buy an investment property so I can start the reno process all over again! 

Wot! You want me to smile?

I'm off to Bangkok on April 10, going to check in on clients' surrogates, check out apartments for clients for baby pick-up time, and meet with a few embassies. Also hiring someone on the ground in BKK to be me when I'm not there so we can go the extra mile and give a few extras to clients that aren't included in packages. Am very excited to meet Carrie from - she has been amazing and I have 100% of clients pregnant with Dr Pisit and donors with Carrie. I also get to meet Kim in USA after a couple of years of phone, skype and emails between us but no face to face meeting. She will also be there with clients and doing the the client manager thing. It's a busy schedule and I will miss the kids, but Toby knows mummy brings home Ben Ten, and that is well worth mummy's business trips.


Toban M said...

Those are adorable pictures, Meg! You have beautiful children. Glad everyone is doing well and you are looking quite lovely yourself :) All the best.

Rhy and Drew said...

Thank you so much for sharing that story of Toby's first day at "Big School"! Absolutely darling! Mishali looks like a very determined young lady! I didn't know that you like to sew! I am a sewer and a knitter, and love the stage where my babies where whatever I make happily! Hope you're having a wonderful March!