Monday, February 10, 2014

Surrogacy events in USA and UK

A shout out for a couple of surrogacy events in USA and UK coming up.

Organised by Sam from Families Thru Surrogacy - - you can see the full programs on the website link above.

There will be the usual agencies who can afford to promote at such events, along with a distinct lack of the little people (like me and other smaller agents and facilitators, who can't afford the fees to represent ourselves).

The major benefits of events such as these is that you will meet others who are interested in pursing family creation through surrogacy overseas, and meet others who have been there, done that and survived.

As with any agency or clinic, who can afford to pay the fees to promote their business at these events, as well as pay the fee so they can speak, don't believe everything you hear, do your due diligence, and speak to people who have actually done surrogacy overseas themselves.

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