Sunday, March 9, 2014

Where is blog land?

So many blogs, so few updates. Where is the old crowd from 2007 when I first learned about surrogacy in India?

Once upon a time blogs were buzzing with the latest and were followed as gospel, and all the great stories out there in blog land were an indication of how amazing the clinic was.  These days, I see few new blogs and those who have written blogs for any length of time don't update often.  I guess life gets busy and there are so many sources of information about surrogacy out there in internet land ... same with us, but I will keep on blogging, no matter how boring it is.

Our little family
Not a whole lot going on here. Life is humming along nicely.  Toby is loving school.  Mishali is in day care 2 days a week. Mondays I have both home, Tuesday they are both in school so it's mummy day. Wednesday - both home but every second week Toby is in kindy, so another mummy/daughter day, Thursdays Mishi is in day care and Toby and mummy go swimming. Friday, Toby is in school, so it's mummy Mishi day.

Toby and I go to a place called Bayswater Waves, for *our* day. I have to swim and get wet. I so hate to get wet. There is a big slide at BWW, and Toby expects mummy to climb the stairs and go shooting down the slide with him. The first time I did it, I was quite terrified as the water carried me along way too fast for my liking. Five days later I returned and got stuck on the blasted slide. How embarrassing, I think I am too fat for the water to carry my hefty lard arse along! IMagine being stuck in a plastic tunnel, using hands and legs to propel oneself along just to get to the bottom to catch up with your kid. Bad image ....

I am off to Thailand on 10th April for a week to meet with the local *crew*, a few embassies and lawyers, but most importantly, to meet up again with the wonderful women who are helping my clients become parents. It's really not work, it is pleasure, I am so excited to call my peeps and say, "You're pregnant!!!" Or .. "Guess what, I know gender, do you want to know?" Of course they do. The first Surrogacy Conceptions baby is due in April/May(ish) you know how babies are. I will be back with the parents for the birth of this special little lady, the back again in June for SC's second bubble, also little girl ... the back again 2 months later for the birth of the girl boy twins ... and so on.

Other news ...
Bob and I recently purchased a house in Perth which is our first investment property. This is for our future, our children's future and our pension. It's a scary thing to do, but it will pay for itself. Hopefully!

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Tigerlilycat said...

Think Facebook is a lot of the answer - IPs are providing updates to a selected group of people, including others they've made a connection with (through India or Thailand or wherever).

From another slack blogger - Lisa.