Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thailand, Kids, Surrogacy Australia conference and other things

Long time no blog
I haven't even updated our private blog for ages. Must do that as the intention of the private blog was to record our children's lives in words, pictures and private emotions.  As you can imagine, things are really busy with work, a new property and Little Miss about-to-turn two-Diva-Tantie-girl and Mr About-to-turn-four-he-who-could- talk-under-water-if-he-liked-getting-his-head-wet. Plus Bob's pretty full-on job as a Lead Engineer... coordinating 20 plus on his team ... Hah! I have only 2 to coordinate, oh yes, 3 including me.  I find some days really hard, but overall have nothing to whinge about.

Most importantly in our lives, the kids are healthy and happy and thriving. We have so much goodness, and a lot of peace, leaving my job of the past four years was the best decision, emotionally, ethically and financially. Peace. I have it now, I didn't for a very long time. Peace = mmm bacon ( in joke there).

Bob and Meg and kids
Bob and I are good, tight, together and are typical working parents of two little ones. And guess what! They are both in our bed at night now. Yeah yeah, we deserve it ... we deserve being shuffled to the outer edges of a king-size while the haps lie diagonally across the bed, on to of us, on top of each other, kicking and fighting for blankets on or blankies off during the night. Then there's the cat ... oh Lucy.

Surrogacy Australia conference
Surrogacy Australia conference is on again in May. I think it's in it's third year, or is it the fourth? Here's a link to a news item from today: SA conference promo Article features pics of a couple I knew through SCI and their three lovely children, who I saw as babies a year ago (or more?),  I still have your angels, they mean a lot to me, precious times.  Article also featuring friends we met on our first trip to Mumbai back in ... now when was it??? .... November 2008... Lisa and Nik and their delicious boys Alex and Taj ... from over at

Happy Birthday Lisa, sweet 31 and never bee botoxed? Mmm, botox I remember the first pics of the boys in what we called, back then, a baking dish. How long ago was that?! Congratulations on achieving your second degree, how the heck did you do it with surrogacy, two growing boys and a full-time job? A big shout out to Nik, full-time stay-at-home dad who put his own business on hold for the sake of his family. Pretty-freaking-incredible.

Here's another sweet story of a mum from Brisbane,  with her bubble born through surrogcy in Thailand  Thai surrogacy mum
The Surrogacy Australia conference program came out a week or so ago. You can find information here: Surrogacy Australia conference I don't think the program is in its final form, Sam mentioned there are a few speakers to confirm. Anyway, check in toSA website as per link for updated info.

I am off to Bangkok, 13-18 April, then back again in May for the birth of Surrogacy Conceptions first bubble in Thailand (also second bubble for a couple I was facilitator for with their first bubble in India). I will miss my babies but am looking forward to the *break*, i.e., a different type of work, a stay here: Anantara Bangkok

Good luck and baby dust to all. xxx

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Tigerlilycat said...

Doh!!! It was Botox I was after for my b'day pressie, not Matchbox airplanes. If my brain is this muddled at 31 imagine what it's going to be like by the time I hit my mid 40s. And blast from the past seeing that photo - it was taken 2.5 years ago.