Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Trip to Thailand ... and a first

Just arrived back from a week's trip to Bangkok. What a wonderful time. So emotionally rewarding.

I attended scans for five of Surrogacy Conceptions pregnant clients, was able to see the gorgeous little babies in various stages of development, - 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 24 weeks, 28 weeks and 37 weeks - and video the scans for our clients - who got to see things as though they were actually there. It's the best we can do when a parent is having their baby in a foreign land and can't be present themselves. I had the great pleasure of having lunch with one of my favourite dads (actually, you are all my favourite dads) and seeing him meet his surrogate mum, 24 weeks pregnant with his twins. I just love the interaction between surrogates and parents available in Thailand. I think he was a bit shell shocked with everything going on, and the being faced with the reality that this really does happen, is happening and in 8 weeks or so, he will be a daddy. He attended his surrogate mum's scan, he was blown away, we got outside, he still looked shocked, but I cried. Bah humbug, I always cry at joy.

I spent a lot of time sitting on lounges in waiting rooms, things are uber-busy in Thailand. It was fun, the surrogate mums from various agents including ours sat around playing on ipads, iphones, there was a lot of Thai-English - we have no idea how to communicate as we don't speak the language - banter going on. But somehow we managed to get by. I went a bit silly buying duty free perfumes and cosmetics for our staff and surrogates in BKK. They called me "Santa" and I was glad to hear from the surrogate mums *ooh, how did you know I love make-up?* is this a Thai thing? i am personally not into make-up, but was happy to give gifts and be as personally involved with the surrogate mums as a non-Thai speaking Australian can be.

A first ...
I am so proud to announce the birth of a beautiful baby girl earlier this week, born healthy and awesome at a little over 3kilos. She is a chubster.  She is little sister to a baby girl whose parents I assisted with their surrogacy in India. Two daughters under 18months, oh boy, look out when they are teenagers.  This was the baby whose scan I attended at 37 weeks. I said at the time, *she's ready, deliver now, so I can look after her until the parents arrive!* - then suddenly, one day after I left Bangkok, there she was, a new soul on earth.

I checked out more hospitals in Bangkok. Who could go past a hospital with chandeliers! There are a range of top quality hospitals for baby birth in Bangkok. The top three cost between $2500-$3000 for birth, surrogate stay, baby nursery and all medical fees. Most surrogacy packages, including Surrogacy Conceptions, don't include baby birth, so do consider this as an extra.

BNH Bangkok

My God how I missed them. We got to skype, and it was good, but left so many holes in my heart not being able to touch and kiss and cuddle the haps. (According to Toby a hap is a baby who can't use the computer). Within tow days of being away I was physically and emotionally hurting for my babies. The beautiful part of going away is coming home. My little Mishali came bolting into mummy's arms as soon as I came through immigration, followed by Toby, we had a big cuddle, then they got in each other's faces and pushed at each other for mummy's attention. No matter what happens in the world, no mater how shitty people are, no matter how crappy some days can be, my kids think I am a hero. And I am!

Mummy has been sewing. Why? Maybe because the weather is getting cool. Maybe because deep down I am Mrs Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie, most likely because I am too cheap to spend $25 on a pair of PJs I can make for $3. No really, I just want to do things for my kids so they know I love them. Plus, I forgot how much I love sewing! Here is a sample of my recent creations. Red angry dog pyjamas, Toby loves them. You don't want to see Mishali's PJs, they look like a clown suit :(

My mumma
My beloved mumma has been here for a week looking after the babies and Bob while I've been away. She leaves in a few days. I am holding out on booking her return flight home.  The tyranny of distance. Sob sob is all I can say.

Banana pancakes as only Nanny can make. 

My niece Militza used to corner the market on this, now she is 18 and studying law at Uni. I remember her being this little, sitting next to nanny, making banana pancakes.  Now it's Mishali's turn.

My beloveds, Toby and Mishali, what a blessing, my loves, I live for you.


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Congratulations on your first Thai birth. Onward and Upward Girl!!!!!

Toby and Misha are so beautiful and getting SO big. :(

B and SJ said...

Great update & gorgeous pics! Xx