Sunday, June 1, 2014

Burn baby burn, Disco inferno!

Some pics from Toby's friday night school disco. It was the best fun we have had in ages. The kids in kindy and pre-primary got to "dance the night away" from 5-6.30pm.  I was the mummy dancing in a sea of ankle-biters, with my glorious son. I wonder why I was the only parent there willing to make a big fool of themselves dancing to such numbers as "Sexy and I know It" (so inappropriate for a bunch of kindy kids, "Nut Bush City Limits"and "Gangnam Style". Yes, I danced Gangnam style with my four year old in public! We had so much fun.

Disco lights and bubbles

A mummy Mishi selfie

Daddy and Miss Mischa in the Thai elephant hat she insisted on wearing.

Toby,  *Mr Confident* raced straight for the dance floor then pushed his way through the big kids into the mosh pit. He also dressed himself, striped PJ bottoms and a star T-shirt belonging to big brother Willo.

Party in the house let's SCREAM!


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