Sunday, June 8, 2014

Six little souls, toilet training and upcoming birthdays

I am back to Thailand for a short trip, 18-21 June, home for Toby's 4th birthday and Mishali's 2nd birthday, then back to Bangkok for the birth of six precious little souls.

I am very excited about the imminent births of six babies, as are their parents. There are two sets of twins and two singleton babies due in coming weeks, all are new parents bar one couple who I assisted with their surrogacy in India three years ago. I never ceased to be amazed by the miracle of birth.

We have one surrogate mummy with early contractions at 34 weeks, which have, fortunately stopped; parents in BKK awaiting twins right now;  date set for the birth of a long-awaited daughter, her parents  I assisted through surrogacy in India, they tried for a very long time, faced many unforeseen roadblocks along the way, had negative after negative, got caught up in the Indian visa issues, but they never quit and will be parents next week!; and a set of twins around 6 weeks away, but judging by the size of their surrogate mummy, I think she will deliver early, she is humungous! We'll see.

I love newborns and have to admit I have thought at times *just one more*. But no, two is enough and I've never emotionally or spiritually felt a third child would be with us. Still the yearning is there, but there is no way I could cope with more than two as I want more in my life than to be a full-time mother.

Mishali decided to toilet train herself. Nanny had her on the potty for three days while I was away last trip to bangkok, then she lost interest and refused to go on the potty. In the last couple of weeks she has been demanding potty, doing what she needs to do, waits for her big round of applause, then carts potty off to the toilet to dispose and flush. No-one is allowed to help her, she is such an independent little soul. I am also not allowed to put her in her car seat, she has to climb up herself, put her arms in the straps, then I can click her in.  Mishi is transitioning at day care from tiny tots to toddler one. My baby is going to be a little girl soon. Sob. But she is not so big that she will give up her bottle and I still get to nurse her while she falls asleep. Mishali turns two on 25th June.

Toby is still his enigmatic friendly confident self. He is reading by himself, just small words, a lot of it is guess work based on the pictures, but he is recognising a few words and learning *beats* (ie syllables) of words. I cannot praise his school and his teachers enough. He is still mad about Ben 10, but has room for Spiderman and Batman. His birthday is coming upon 29th June. Presents bought online have started to arrive. Poor Toby is so excited he has had a few melt-downs wanting to open a parcel when it arrives. I caught him perched half-way up the pantry the other day, calling for help. He said he was after Tiny Teddies, but I know he was going for the presents hidden on the top shelf of the pantry. I have had to find another hiding spot.

Good luck and God speed to everyone currently in the process of surrogacy. I have no sage words of wisdom other than ask questions, seek out those who have been before you, trust your feelings and never ever quit!


Rhy said...

Months and months ago at one of our very dark periods, you left a comment on my blog that said, in effect, just keep trying- it will happen. You were right, and I just wanted to thank you!

Suraj Tiwari said...

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