Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ugh, heartbreaking all round

Worth a look. This guy should have been shut down after the debacle in India, how he continued to operate is beyond me. I feel so bad for the good people who are committed to building families, especially the surrogate mother featured in this story. It should never be like this ... for the IPs who have been stung, I hope you can find some way to continue with building your family. There are a lot of good, kind, compassionate and ethical clinics and agencies who would never rip you off. 

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Rhy said...

We're one of the lucky families that has been able to move past this, but I know many, many others that have not. I know some who may end up victimized again by those who want to exploit their tragedy. I'm just glad that we had the ability to move forward and so grateful to all the people that helped us do so.