Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Commercial surrogacy in Thailand - all over red rover

In case anyone has any illusions that surrogacy in Thailand can continue, that  *it will all blow over in a couple of weeks* that *it's all gossip started by a rogue journalist* that *you can continue surrogacy as long as your clinic doesn't recruit the surrogates, or *we will just make the surrogacy contracts look altruistic and say you are related to your egg donor and she is related to the surrogate* ... (what brainwave thought that crock of baloney up?).

NCPO approves anti-surrogacy law

Thailand's military regime gave preliminary approval Wednesday to a draft law to make commercial surrogacy a criminal offence, following a spate of dramatic surrogacy scandals in the past two weeks.

First India, now Thailand, next ... Nepal ... I give it one year tops.

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