Monday, August 25, 2014

It's official, exit process for Australians with babies in Thailand

Published with permission from Surrogacy Australia

The Australian Embassy has reached an agreement with Thai Military government on documents needed to allow Australian citizens and their biological children to leave Thailand and travel to Australia. Details of the documents required are set out below.

No Court order is now needed.
Bangkok Law firm  Isaan Lawyers advised us late Friday night that they were implemental in securing agreement by placing pressure on the Thai government. ABC Four Corners journalists were present in Sakon Nakhon Provincial Court on Thursday when a test case was argued in the court there but expedition was not granted. On Friday Four Corners journalists were also present all day in Court in Bangkok when a further application was made.

We are informed that the Court was very tentative in dealing with the application given that existing Thai laws were not being contravened and sought guidance from the government authorities. We are informed that this placed further pressure on the government in negotiating a solution with the Australian Embassy which was in keeping with the existing Thai laws.

The Australian Embassy in Thailand and the Australian Government is to be congratulated in showing leadership on this issue and making a clear stand to protect the rights of Australian citizens.
Agreement has been reached that Australian citizens and their biological children who have been granted Australian Citizenship by descent will be permitted to leave Thailand upon production of the following documents:
  1. Child/ren’s Australian Passport and certified copy.
  2. Child/ren’s Birth Certificate/s and  certified copy/ies.
  3. Child/ren’s Australain  Citizenship by descentCertificate/s and certified copy/ies.
  4. Australian  parent’s or parents’passport/s and certified copy/ies.
  5. Certified copy of Thai surrogate mother’s Thai ID card.
  6. Letter from the District (Amphur) office where the surrogate mother lives confirming that she has given permission for the child/ren to leave Thailand and to travel to Australia with the biological parent/s.
  7. Letter from the Australian Embassy confirming that the child/ren have been granted Australian Citizenship following production of DNA test results proving parentage.

Sam Everingham
Surrogacy Australia

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