Saturday, October 25, 2014

Introducing ...

We are so proud to announce our new surrogacy agency, Family Surrogacy. Those who have known me for some or all of the five years I've been involved with international surrogacy know I worked for a Delhi clinic for many years, then went out on my own in 2013 founding Surrogacy Conceptions. SC will continue to exist, but a large part of my work is now in Mexico.

I have partnered with Brian and Henry Yaden from Miami, and we are now Family Surrogacy LLC. Brian and Henry's beautiful daughter is arriving in Thailand in around two weeks. A sibling for their daughter  is in the planning stages through our partner clinic in Mexico. Brian and Henry will be the *boots on the ground* in Mexico. Miami is a short flight to Mexico and they will regularly travel to meet with clinicians, the surrogacy team and surrogate mothers. It is essential to have someone on the ground throughout a surrogacy pregnancy as those of you have have been there done that know how isolated you can feel being so far away from your growing baby. Brian and Henry speak fluent Spanish, so communication directly with our clients surrogate mothers will be a breeze.

I am so happy to have these dedicated and passionate guys to share the wonderful experience of helping people, like me and so many others, whose only option is to have our children through surrogacy abroad.

We are looking forward to travelling with our first group of intended parents going to Mexico in Jan-Feb, 2015. We're working with two well known and experienced clinics, one in Mexico city and one in Cancun. 

You can find us online at or or on facebook

or  contact us directly at for information about surrogacy in Mexico. 

I'm off to Thailand on 6th November to welcome Baby P into the world, and meet up with our newborn twin boys Brooks and Grayson, and meet with a client travelling to meet his 20 weeks pregnant surrogate mother.

In other news. Kids are great, as always. Here is a recent pic taken by former client, now proudly friend Costa's father Christos, love his work!

Daddy Costa, Mishali, me holding baby Sofia, Toby, Daddy Ben and Christos (in Greek tradition, first-born grandson named after his grandfather).

My beautiful girl Mishali, completely toilet trained at two years and two months, she can count to 12 (from four, don't know what happened to 1, 2 and 3) and almost has her ABC song down pat.  I call her thumper, there is not a graceful bone in her body. She doesn't walk, she stomps, she beats up her brother and throws the most delightful tantrums at times, which fortunately, are becoming less frequent. She loves everything Hello Kitty and Peppa Pig.

The ever-stunning Toby at four years and two months. Toby is finishing his first year at *big school* and is doing great. His report cards are everything a parent could hope for, he is confident, engaged, helpful and very loving. He can write his own name, is learning to spell and starting to add numbers.


Tigerlilycat said...

Well done Meg, go for it! We know you research fanatically so would be providing what is currently best in another uncharted territory (Mexico). I've come to the realisation that surrogacy is always going to be ground breaking, but I don't understand why since it's been around since biblical days... (actually I do, it's called politics)

Looking forward to lots of birth announcements in 2015.

Choco Mayan said...

Congratz! And good job! I got married in Mexico, it is a fantastic country! Too bad that I am moving to Asia soon, otherwise, I would love to pursue my journey in Mexico.