Sunday, November 9, 2014

Back from Thailand ... happy happy happy

I just had a whirlwind four day trip to Bangkok for the birth of a very special little soul. I am still buzzing and feel so privileged to be part of such an intense, personal and emotional time. Thanks to my co-directors Brian and Henry Yaden at Family Surrogacy, who allowed me to be at the hospital for the birth of baby Patricia. Our Super Oy, SC Thai manager, was also present, feeling emotional as we all were, but taking the lead , doing the paperwork and keeping our emotions in check. Brian and Henry's mums were there too, but clearly not everyone can crowd into the hospital's *bonding room* - I was lucky I was allowed in by hospital staff.

This is what it's all about.  

We welcomed into the world baby Patricia born 7th November, 2014 weighing 7 pounds 6 ounces, and measuring 50.1cm. Brian and Henry's faces say it all. What you don't get to see on the video is being with baby Patricia in her surrogate mum's room, along with daddies, Oy, me, two grandmothers, surrogate mum's daughter and her boyfriend. I cannot tell you how joyous this experience was for me personally, as for the new daddies, well, they are still a bit shell shocked, as we all are when meeting our babies for the first time.

I have so many pics, and so much to say, mainly about our lunches with our surrogate mums. But that's for another post. I need to get back to my babies and I want to stay in this happy place.

Baby Patricia, we love you!!!!

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Henry-n-Brian said...

Adorable! A changing life experience life experience. Brian and I are so greatful to have you! Love always!