Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy crazy

With permission I share a pic of soon-to-be dad Michael, who is going a bit mental waiting for his son Jack to be born in Thailand. At 37 weeks, we're just waiting for the official date.

So it's official,  surrogacy in Thailand is no longer, unless you are a Thai national, and your surrogate is a blood relative. If you're a foreigner married to a Thai national you have to be married for three years.  Of course, you could always marry a Thai woman and she could be your *surrogate*. Of course that's going on., as well as Thai surrogates popping over the border to give birth in Cambodia. Laws push things underground, and expose people to all kinds of potential danger. There is a recent case of a surrogate keeping the baby. Under Thai law she is entitled to do this. If you're thinking of marrying a Thai woman for surrogacy, be aware she may be able to not only keep the baby, but also hit you up for child support.

I wonder what will happen with the legitimate cases of men who go to Thailand on holiday and happen to have sex with a local woman, who has the baby. According to the UK Embassy it's a regular occurrence.  Anyway, I am grateful for all the surrogate mums, and clients I've had the pleasure of being involved with through surrogacy in Thailand. Two more babies to go. Thailand I will miss you, but will be sure to visit.



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