Friday, June 12, 2015

Nepal, life the universe and everything

Long time no blog. Yet again. Blogland is so quiet these days. I guess people are just getting on.

Some news in an nutshell for anyone who reads these days.

Our gorgeous family
We finally took the plunge and moved in February from Perth back home to Brisbane. What an ordeal! It was so sad to leave as our home in Perth is the one we brought our babies home from India to live, and it is the only home they have ever known. Awe now live with my parents under their house on North Stradbroke Island, it's pretty cramped but we're doing well. Toby is in prep (pre-primary) at Dunwich State School. Mishali attends the same daycare Toby went to when he was two and we lived here for a few months.

Cycles of Life
Last eight months have been pretty horrific. Bob's dad Garry died unexpectedly in November.  In his sleep. Watching TV with the remote control in his hand. Bob's sister and brother-in-law found him, peacefully watching the test pattern in his arm chair. I really can't say much more. I loved him very much, and I know he is still with us.

In January my beloved brother-in-law Alexander, husband of my sister, died unexpectedly in his sleep. He was 45 and has been in our family for the past 22 years. I won't go into details only to say I still pinch myself and don't believe it's true.

Then in May, one of my my favourite clients ever also died, leaving behind her darling son of two years of age. What a shock. I was sitting by a lake in Pokhara when I lean red of her courageous battle with cancer and all I could remember was her light and the pineapple cake she brought to our home in perth when she first came to learn she could actually have a baby through surrogacy in India.   i remember how shocked she was, and how excited and how she played with my babies and realised this could happen for her too.

I am in Katmandu. I came here in April for a week or so, to check things out. One week prior to the earthquake I was travelling the road to from Katmandu to Pokhara, with some amazing special incredible friends, old and new, for a two dray trip. Exactly seven days later the first quake hit. That road is decimated, the villages we passed through are no more, so many lives lost and those left behind  their lives in ruins. I first learned of the first quake from our GM at Venus Surrogacy centre, who sent me a text saying *we have earthquake*. Talk about first with the news!

Anyway, I returned to Nepal on 18th May, if I am going to tell our clients it is safe to proceed with surrogacy in Nepal, then I have to be unafraid and be here myself. So many agents promoting surrogacy in Nepal who have never even bothered to visit. Plus I was desperate to return for many reasons, mostly emotional, to be with my Indian Nepalese family. I felt two aftershocks, both 4.3. First one felt was like a gently rocking boat and it was over in a couple of seconds. I was at the clinic and I only knew it was happening because the nurses got scared and came running out. I thought it was all a bit dramatic, I wasn't scared at all, but I wasn't there for the two big ones. The second one, I was falling asleep and I felt the bed moving, yikes, shaking moving, and it was a bit longer. It only lasted 10 seconds. Had it gone longer I would have run, or jumped off the second floor to the garden below. That one rattled me a bit. Apparently there have been more, but I never felt them.

I am due home 22 June. One month separated from my gorgeous children. OMG, most we have ever been apart is three days. One while month. They are fine. They are having a great time with nanny and papa and daddy. I can't wait to return, but I also don't want to go home as half of my life is now in Nepal.

Family Surrogacy Office Open
Family Surrogacy now has an official base in Katmandu. Venus Suman IVF Centre is running out of room, and *our* office is cramped and used by many. Lease is signed, and I am now off buying furniture. Do you know how hard this is to do in KTM? Madness.

Anyway pics of everything to follow. Here are a few.

Surrogacy Australia Conference 2015. 

How things change in one short year. Me, yah, I wear a uniform now .. Dr Vishnukanth Deene from Venus Suman IVF Centre, our official partner, and maker of my babies Toby and Mishali. Such a brain bend to think he looked after them for the first five days of their lives in their little petrie dishes in the incubator under his care. Wow! And my ever-gorgeous partners at Family Surrogacy Brian and Henry Yaden with baby Patricia who is just delicious. These amazing men have been with me through thick and thin, supported me i very dark times and they just love me ... as they should!

Surrogate accommodation for Family Surrogacy surrogate mothers

We have a 12 room, 4 bathroom, 2 kitchen house for our surrogate mothers. We have 9 incredible women there are present, and two babies aged 3 and 6, and three more to come, then we're full. We are all so proud of our accommodation. We have a full time cook, cleaner, nurse on the premises. No surrogate mother shares a room unless they want to (they don't want to). We had no damage to the house during the quakes. Same can't be said of other surrogacy accommodation. When the first quake hit we had three mums and we took them to Delhi as they were scared. Fair enough. Anyway, more about this later.

 I am so privileged to be able to be so fully involved with surrogate mother care, and to work with my partners Brian and Henry, and everyone at Venus Suman, so we can provide the best care ever. Believe me, not all surrogate accommodation is equal. Five surrogates on a mattress in one room in a slum so the agent/clinic can make money is not good care. This kind of crap is unethical, inhumane and these players, most of them the BIG names, are just out to make money for themselves. this type of behaviour shuts international surrogacy down for everyone. The surrogate mother comes first! ALWAYS!


Tigerlilycat said...

So great to read your update and that things are good (both privately and professionally). It would be amazing to be away on your own for such a length of time, especially knowing how much you'll achieve while you're there. Love the surrogate house and yes, they should be treated like royalty!!!

Amani (Meg) said...

We have to catch up when I get back. So much good stuff going on, both surrogacy and non-surrogacy related. Have a really exciting announcement (non-surrogacy) to make soon, but I'll call you when I get back and tell you first. xxx

Sem Angel said...

Yes you are right, take care and good care of surrogate always comes first.