Friday, September 4, 2015

Surrogacy in Nepal Grinds to a Halt

Disappointing news about surrogacy in Nepal

All surrogacy treatment in Nepal has been suspended due to a court order by the Supreme Court of Nepal.

Those wanting to do surrogacy cannot proceed at this stage. The Ministry of Health and Population along with clinic owners in Kathmandu will be presenting their case to the court on September 7th.

Hopefully there will be good news, but things may take some time. This is very disappointing news for so many who were about to start treatment, and those wanting to in the future. There are so few options for surrogacy on the international landscape now, especially for same sex couples and single men and women.

Supreme Court Halts Surrogacy in Nepal

Love the image with this article. Family Joy.

If only people could realise what goes into surrogacy, and the joy it brings not just the parents but extended family as well. The photo with this article is priceless. I meet surrogates, I talk to them, I sit down with them and have conversations and they are so happy to do this and actually thank the parents for giving them such a great opportunity to help infertile couples. This may not be true of all surrogate mothers, however it is actually the surrogate mother who is never asked by anyone it seems, who consider they are exploited, that surrogacy is child trafficking and who wish to impose their ill-informed morality upon consenting adults.

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