Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Surrogacy Advocacy Abroad

Great to see some action being taken to support parents through surrogacy abroad and parents-to-be. These days Surrogacy Australia seems to focus more on altruistic surrogacy in Australia, which is fine and needed; FTS has become yet another commercial interest with no real assistance for international surrogacy parents, hopefully SAA will fill the gap. Good for you Kylie (a mum through surrogacy in India).

My Name is Kylie Gower, over the next 7 days after several months of planning and working closely with authorities along with surrogacy stakeholders we are excited to launch Surrogacy Advocacy Abroad - Where Every Story Matters.

Here at SAA we believe in helping couples and individuals build the families they deserve.

Our vision is to provide a world where infertility and sexual orientation are no longer barriers to that dream.

To ensure everyone the opportunity for everyone to build families through surrogacy in Nepal and India.

We are confident in time their will be resolution around Nepal, which will bring strong guidelines, we are also hopeful for opportunity of Australian's to resume accessing India despite the release of the Indian Art Guidelines 2015 .

Currently in Nepal it is extremely fragile and sensitive, If Australians are perceived to be difficult then we will precluded like we were India. We all in the surrogacy community need to work towards change in how Australians are viewed in the international surrogacy arena.

Personally I am appalled how some Australians have conducted themselves .

Equally disappointed that certain groups are assisting the media in running these stories knowing the ramifications this will have on International surrogacy.

How much of an Impediment this behaviour is to the future of international surrogacy and to Imprint upon these people the seriousness of how this is being viewed by, authorities here and abroad.

Many Australians may be unaware of the cultural differences, due processes and the gravity of the ban, these delays in returning home will resolve.

I ask everyone even in your darkest and worrying of times about returning home, educate, inspire a spirit of respect and appreciation for Nepal along with cooperation with a country that supported you in your dream of having a family.

Always remember why your wanting to return home their is someone waiting to start the Journey you have travelled.

Any enquires in relation to this post or families seeking assistance in Nepal please email

We are unable to give advice around current immigration issues with exiting visas.
We recommend Poonam Jain as a reliable source around the current status of exiting we strongly suggest that you partner with Poonam Jain of this is certainly her field of expertise.

We are all hopeful that the visa issue will resolve within the next 14 days .

As part of our internal policies and procedures we will not actively post in surrogacy community groups unless we feel there is aa imminent threat to Surrogacy.

We look forward in the coming week to introduce to you our team at Surrogacy Advocacy Abroad

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