Friday, October 30, 2015

Surrogacy in Cambodia ... hideously dangerous

Scary surrogacy stuff ... Cambodia .. it's nothing like the good old days in India before everything went pear shaped.

A new danger is born as surrogacy moves to Cambodia Forced from Thailand amid scandal, agencies setting up in Phnom Penh appear to have learned few lessons. 

When Cambodia’s first fertility clinic opened its doors late last year, it was heralded as a medical milestone for a country where even the most basic health services are limited.

“The miracle of IVF in Cambodia [is starting],” managing director Samnang Hor told local media as the first couples began enrolling for treatment at the Fertility Clinic of Cambodia (FCC). 

About a month earlier, fertility treatments were making news in Thailand for entirely different reasons: the baby Gammy scandal had just been exposed, marking the beginning of the end for the thriving commercial surrogacy operations that were based here. 

The timing was unconnected but proved opportune; Bangkok-based agencies were quick to seize on the chance. And so instead of halting the march of the lucrative industry in Southeast Asia, the crackdown by Thai authorities, which saw the prohibition of all commercial surrogacy, served only to delay it momentarily. 

In March this year, the first surrogacy programmes started in Phnom Penh, carried out by FCC on behalf of surrogacy agencies which had shifted their operations across the border. 

“The Thai government banned it, so what’s happened is the Thai operators have jumped the border and set up in Cambodia where there are no surrogacy laws,” an international surrogacy expert with close ties to the industry told Spectrum on condition of anonymity. 

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